Congratulations to our company in 2015 to obtain "high-tech enterprise certificate"_Huangshan Meisen New Material Technology Co., Ltd.


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Congratulations to our company in 2015 to obtain "high-tech enterprise certificate"

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    Mount Huangshan Meisen new Mstar Technology Ltd identified by the high-tech enterprises and the "high-tech enterprise certificate", certificate number GR201434000810, the issuing time is October 21, 2014, valid for three years.

    According to the "high-tech enterprise management approach", "People's Republic of China enterprise income tax law" and "People's Republic of China Enterprise Income Tax Law Implementation Regulations" and other relevant provisions, the company has obtained the qualification for the high-tech enterprises, according to the national high-tech enterprises preferential tax policies, as qualified applications from the year within three years (2014 to 2016) and the corporate income tax rate from 25% down to 15% levy。

    Currently, the company is actively working to enjoy the relevant preferential tax policies.

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