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Wood plastic applications

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    Application of wood plastic products is very wide; with the increasing demands for environmental protection, wood products substitution has become an inevitable trend, building materials, decoration Home Furnishing, industrial products, warehousing and logistics, as used in place of wood, wood products can be used, can even replace part of plastic products, products are widely covered in municipal construction, commercial infrastructure, high-grade residential, industrial application, electronic industry, petrochemical industry, logistics and warehousing etc.. With its unique features designed for different types of users. Wood plastic products are mainly used in: 1: building materials: various indoor and outdoor decking, fencing, construction formwork, moisture-proof clapboard, stairs, handrails, door and window frame, platform, water construction, road board, wooden and so on. 2: automotive applications: door decorative board, floor, seat back, dashboard, handrails, seat base, roof, etc.. 3: logistics applications: a variety of specifications for the transport tray and export packaging tray, warehouse floor mat, all kinds of packaging boxes, glass transport shelves, etc.. 4: garden applications: all kinds of residential settings, outdoor tables and chairs, garden handrails and decorative panels, flower pots, open-air flooring, waste boxes, pavilions, etc.. 5: interior decoration applications: a variety of decorative strips, decorative panels, frames, curtain rods, curtains and decorative ring, Venetian blinds, ceilings, walls, etc.. 6: other: field table, cabin partition, train or truck floor, toys, storage boxes, highway sound insulation board, movable frame, etc..

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